Jarumi Consulting Ltd

Building you up the right way…

Jarumi Consulting Ltd is a private non-profit company that was designed for the purpose of empowering startups and small organizations across all industries to reach their full potential in operations and processes. We develop strategies for growth and manage projects by bringing a variety of experience of over 15 years’ from companies and industries across Africa, which allows us to offer creative solutions and enables “out of the box” thinking.


We stay ahead of the curve by leveraging creativity and expertise


To be recognized as the key strategic provider in consulting for organizations in development and execution across African economies


Your organization will be able to:

  • Assess its current position before deciding on any new strategies.
  • Reveal the direction of change within your business environment to help shape what the business is doing.
  • Stay current on the market.
  • Assess expectations – perception vs reality.
  • Analyze corporate culture understanding.
  • Enable the organization to add or expand programs/services to serve the existing or additional target populations.
  • Minimize investment risks.
  • Facilitate strategic planning.

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